Adobe Substance

November 7, 2022

A day in the life of a 3D designer

Hear from Aditi Kapoor, a technical 3D artist with over 15 years of experience in VFX and animation. She’s worked on movies for Pixar and Blue […]
November 7, 2022

3D Skills in the Classroom Course

Help your students communicate with impact through design. Learning to create with 3D tools prepares your students for the future across a variety of design or […]
November 7, 2022

Adobe Substance 3D Documentation

Find and learn all the information you need about Adobe Substance 3D products and tools. Explore Adobe Substance 3D documentation.
November 7, 2022

Substance 3D Tutorials

Get your head around Adobe Substance 3D with these tutorials. Explore in-depth videos that take you through, step-by-step as you learn how to use Adobe Substance […]
October 23, 2022

Adobe Substance 3D Presets

Explore virtual sessions on teaching creativity and digital literacy, with these sessions from MAX. Gain skills and learn best practices – whether you’re teaching creative skills across […]